Monday, October 5, 2015


My Dear Son:

If we were perfect in our anticipations, accidents wouldn't happen. But again, the nature of accidents are very often our inability to see them coming. Other times our inner barometers for this kind of stuff are tuned in, lock-and-load.

Very often while we are distracted by our own thoughts, life seems to deliver an accident. I preface it this way because that's often how it looks. But as you are learning, things aren't always what they seem.

Here's at least one of the reasons why: you can invite say, five of your friends over to watch a movie. At the end, put each of them in five different rooms and ask them three simple questions about the movie.

What was the movie about?

What was your favorite part?

Did you like the ending, and why?

I guarantee that you will not get exactly the same answer from each of those five friends. They might be similar, but not the same. Each one of your friends views the movie from his or her unique perspective, or self-talk.

And, if you invited five random people of all ages from around the world, the perspectives would vary even more.

Now you have ten people, five friends of yours who share more things in common, or they wouldn't be your friends. And we have five more people you've never met until now.

So this adds up to eleven minds each with his or her individual perspective and internal self dialogue. This variation of perspective alone is the inception, or beginning of, being blindsided. More next time.

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