Wednesday, October 7, 2015


My Dear Son:

I titled this blog Camera-Ready because the idea is, even in the thick of the moment when you are feeling blindsided, you have a built-in snapshot of yourself already in the making. Part of being camera-ready, as you know, is having your camera turned on, aimed and focused to take the shot.

Now I want you to imagine that the camera you carry is at the ready to take the shot, not only of yourself, but the entire situation you surprisingly find yourself in.

If you were to begin snapping frames at the moment the event occurred, then work backward over a period of days or weeks, you would see not just one event, but a series of events leading up to it. You would see that the single blindsided event was actually encircled or encapsulated many times with other events.

Now imagine that it's only some of these lead-in events from your perspective. If you have, say, three other people involved in this blindsided circumstance, then you also have to include their presets—their perspectives leading up to this blindsided event.

So, as you can see, a terrible misunderstanding or blindsided event is really the convergence of not only several people and their different perspectives, but also their personal histories. If you only see the snapshot of the blindsided moment from your perspective, the embarrassment can be pretty painful.

But if you broaden your view to include not only the multiple Venn diagrams leading into the event, but also the ones leading out of it, you will begin to see there is really so much more at stake here besides your own personal pain or discomfort. And in doing so, you may come to see that you have just been part of an amazing event. More later!

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