Tuesday, September 29, 2015


My Dear Son:
Other features the veterinarian looks for are:

Healthy ears, including flap formation, a normal amount of ear wax, and canals free of ear mites and other foreign objects.

The mouth includes a healthy set of teeth with little accumulation of tarter, which also includes for kittens and puppies losing their baby teeth and cutting permanent ones. If you remember Sydne, my Chihuahua, did not lose her baby teeth and developed a double row. The veterinarian removed these to allow her permanent teeth to come in normally.

The veterinarian uses a stethoscope just like a doctor to listen to your pet's heart and lung sounds. He's judging whether your kitty respires deeply enough, the normal rate of inspiration and expiration, and whether the lungs sound clear of wheezing, which could occur with, say, asthma or pneumonia.

He also listens to your pet's heart, determining whether it has regular rate and rhythm, just like your dad does with humans. It's always a good sign when the valve sounds are normal and there are no murmurs, which indicate the heart has lost its efficiency in transporting blood throughout the body.

We are two-thirds through the veterinarian's checklist for your pet's exam! More to come!

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