Sunday, September 27, 2015

Small Things

My Dear Son:

This week made demands upon all of us, housekeeper included, in assuring our new house guest felt welcome and safe. I've always been amazed how something so small can make huge changes in one's life (and daily routine). So, you had an imposition of sorts with your first experiences babysitting while we were at work. The crate, as I explained to you, was an option for nighttime, as it is fifty times her size and stocked with bed, litter, toys, food, and water. But I also wanted her to have plenty of floor time especially the first week as she acclimated to her new home.

This meant remembering to close certain doors, confining her run of the house for several reasons, including gradual introduction to our queen dame Petal, our neurotic rat-terrier mix Mina, and litter box training. You stepped through your kitty assignment feeling at first a little put upon, but then I think I also observed you enjoying her playtime antics a little more each day.

There's an old saying that small things come with large packages. As you saw, this little one-pounder had us rearranging furniture, sitting on the floor, kid proofing, getting up earlier, coming home for lunch, making runs for supplies, rearranging our schedules, and running to the veterinarian's. It's similar in many ways to what happened when you were born!

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