Saturday, September 26, 2015


My Dear Son:

Since it's been at least eight years from the time we last had baby animals, I'd forgotten how incredibly fun and exasperating babies can be. When I volunteered for our local shelters, part of the educational process was preparing potential adopters for the benefits and challenges of purebreds versus mixed breeds, young versus old. 

In an animal rescue circumstance, there's always first concern, of course, about the general health of the animal. Also of concern is how much training the animal was able to obtain before separation from its mother, which can make a difference in house training, adaptability, and general instincts.

I think Sukie had probably not been separated from her mother for very long, but she was still around the six-week mark. More than likely she'd been dumped after an unsuccessful give-away attempt at our Wal-mart Superstore, and even more than likely her brothers went instead of her, because of the misnomer that we're okay if we slide on neutering our males.

Worthwhile to us at this time with Sukie: that you are at home for the summer, able to give her some monitored floor time; a huge crate my dad donated for her at nighttime; a bargain-bin chew-toy just her size to sleep beside; aluminum cake baking pans, which make great disposable litter boxes for small kittens; kitty-safe wipes for cleaning faces and paws; that kittens love batting eggshells and yarn over manufactured jingle toys.

With all the helpers in place, we could watch with joy as she acclimatized and discovered her environment, graduated from running from us to running to us, bathed and groomed our fingers, stalked us, leapt out from dark corners, and purred like there was no tomorrow.

And once again, as with Petal, we watched out for electrical cords, foreign objects, falls, and all those unexpected dangers for the little tike. And it was all worth it.

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