Thursday, September 3, 2015


My Dear Son:

Although we've bought and sold on the Internet for twenty years, I believe we had the experience yesterday of watching what happens when a major sales industry communicates nearly everything virtually, combining over-the-counter service in a well-oiled, homogenous fashion. No pun intended.

As I explained to you, we will voluntarily participate in this type of sales trade granted we are willing to pay the price for the conveniences of a ready-made virtual market that delivers instantly, or nearly so.

Before the Internet, sales contracts on large items like cars were often days and weeks-long ventures versus minutes or hours. The value of waiting, believe it or not, can have its benefits. I encourage you to take a moment to think about a time in your life where waiting truly paid off. This may seem like a challenge at first, so perhaps it's easier to remember the feelings you had when you finally got what you'd been waiting for.

There are, in truth, numerous benefits in "learning" how to wait. So—let's just wait until tomorrow to find out what they are. ;)

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