Friday, September 18, 2015

The Evil Eye

My Dear Son:

Yesterday I mentioned the first part of my friend's idea. Today, we come to the second part. I would expect that the direct mind-body effects that I described in the last letter would be more widely accepted, but I think following this idea with all its components is necessary for the bigger picture to evolve.

It goes like this: someone decides what you're doing or something you own is something he'd really like to have for himself. But circumstances prevent him from having or making one just like yours. He wants yours. In cultures throughout the world, this is known as “the evil eye.” The interesting thing about the evil eye, however, is that, according to these customs, it ultimately destroys the very object that it wants. And so the tenth commandment of the Torah tells us not to covet.

Coveting is frequently tied to killing, stealing, or defrauding. And so, you see, it's the measures that the coveting person feels he must take—this changes and/or destroys the form that he coveted in the first place.

The idea goes on ... tomorrow!

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