Wednesday, September 2, 2015


My Dear Son:

As you continue to grow, it's very likely that technology will continue to grow alongside you, making a huge impact on your life. Technological advancements will help shape how healthy you are, how you age, the people you meet, as well as how you buy and sell. Technology for the most part shortens our wait time and expands our boundaries. In the future, I expect technology will continue to simplify purchases at a distance and shower us with many other conveniences.

Our experience yesterday at CarMax was one of many technologically-assisted buying venues available today, where we as buyers can virtually kick the tires on practically any vehicle in the world, have our existing car appraised, accept a trade, take a test drive, switch titles, and drive off the lot in under two hours. I'm glad you went with Dad and me and walked through this experience, for this may very well become much of your future farm-to-market scenario. But we've still got tires to kick so—more to come!

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