Wednesday, September 9, 2015


My Dear Son:

Today we shared on a small scale what it feels like to be robbed electronically. As I explained earlier, with technological advancements, we must also learn how to safeguard our accounts and identities.

Before technology gave us the ability to travel and communicate instantaneously, identity theft could only occur if an imposter happened along claiming to be a certain individual, and the members of the next village believed him. Before the days of photographs, with just word-of-mouth as verification, the imposter could only be found out if local individuals could locate or present the “real Mr. Jones,” as it were.

In the days before the ease of present-day communication and travel, this could prove to be a lengthy and cumbersome task. And, you might think that, with our current information glut online, our task of locating and proving identity thieves would be faster and easier.

Of course, we've discovered that it's also faster and easier for crooks to access information they want to steal, so the incidence of identity theft has continued to rise.

Hackers nowadays not only steal credit card information and social security numbers. They're after e-mail accounts, internet domains, and online access to virtually anything you can name. So, the sobering part of this lesson is: think of the craziest thing someone would ever want to steal, and you can rest assured someone has already tried it. And someone else has already succeeded!

So it's tantamount, as we saw today, to protect the accounts that are tied to your identity. There are numerous programs today designed to do just that. More tomorrow about how to move on with appropriate caution in today's technological atmosphere.

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