Sunday, September 6, 2015


My Dear Son:

All said, the major point in the last few letters comes to this: my hope for you is that you come to understand that relatively few things in life are as time-sensitive as they make themselves out to be. Do not be confused by the illusions of time.

Although we must certainly live our lives according to a certain amount of schedule, I'm willing to wager that seven out of ten “most urgent” are not, in reality, that urgent at all. Life has a way about it, a way of teaching you to hold up, to wait. If we can accept its lessons, we are able to reap their value. We can see and learn the value of waiting.

There will be plenty of moments in your life, as well, where waiting isn't necessary. But as technology moves us along toward the speed of light, I am compelled to remind you: never forget to take the time to breathe!

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