Friday, September 4, 2015


My Dear Son:

One of the benefits of waiting is, waiting gives you time to reflect on your decisions, as well as about who you are and what you need versus what you want. Waiting also gives you times to internally line up your feelings and motives behind what you're about to do. You then can move forward with a wholeness and completeness around your decision. This usually feels better, too.

My grandmother had an old saying, “Haste makes waste.” Of course, you have to remember that she grew up in an era before the very first horseless carriages. She remembered a time when her family had no electricity, no running water, and no telephones. She lived to see cars graduate from the Model T to computerized hybrids. She went from dialing Central to rotary 3 digits to push-button 10 digits to speed-dial to touch-screen cellular.

Appliances evolved from hand-cranked to steam-driven to electric, analog to digital, motorized to computerized. So she often commented about the dramatic shifts in speed regarding virtually everything she experienced in her lifetime. She had a strong sense that the ever-increasing speed and complexity of newer technology would eventually damage our minds. Although this subject is certainly subject to debate, I've observed that, if I'm moving so fast that I find life crowding out the very ability to enjoy any single moment I'm in, well—I'm moving, or rather, living—too quickly. How about you?

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