Tuesday, September 1, 2015


My Dear Son:

When you are persistent about something, persistence in itself is not a faulty quality. Your goal may be a noble one, untainted by selfishness, and fully worthy of your persistence. But when persistence meets resistance, you have a series of choices you can make. You might even go as far to say that what you resist, persists. And when you persist, you very likely will meet resistance.

I think we live, for the most part, in a push-pull existence. You will probably encounter some resistance every single day that you live. How far you persist, however, is really up to you. I've learned over time that persisting against resistance is not always the only way to go. Sometimes it appears to be the right way for a time, but it's never required to be a permanent condition.

When you persist and find yourself deadlocked with resistance, if you can see it as an opportunity to release your stranglehold, you will find that resistance falls away. Circumstances can then open up space, perhaps even for what you so desperately longed for in the first place. If you focus only on the resistance and the obstacles, you cannot see or make the space. Not until you're willing to let persistence go.

I've come to believe that there is a molecular design to this concept of releasing persistence, and resistance, when it no longer makes sense for anyone involved. By stepping back, you open up space for something altogether more wonderful to come forward. It's as if molecules go into hyper-speed when you remove the barrier, which might even be yourself. I can only say this, son, because I have been a barrier at least more than a few times I'd like to recall. So while I may choose to persist about some things, I've seen more often that yielding to life's flow will carry you further upstream after a little, or maybe even a lot of persistence has bolstered you through the riptide.

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