Wednesday, August 26, 2015


My Dear Son:

When it comes to discipline, it seems we always wish we had more of it, at least in certain areas of our lives. We spend a huge amount of time at school trying to instill this asset into you as students. We admire the cultural discipline of the Asian countries, for example, in the study of martial arts.

Most people I work with tend to think of themselves as undisciplined in some areas of their lives. The word discipline can hold a negative punch if you always think of it as something unobtainable, difficult, or painful. Some people only see discipline as punishment. Yet if you really look at the meaning behind the word discipline, you may be in for a surprise.

If you are a disciple, or student of anything, you're automatically practicing discipline. All of the elements we've discussed before: self-instruction, learning as discovery or the desire to explore, perseverance, balance, order, and seeing the larger picture are involved in exercising discipline.

You can start taking the barbs off the word discipline by simply thinking of yourself as a disciple, or one who learns, about anything. Life is all about learning, even after you're convinced you have learned what you think you need to know. It all comes back around to realizing you have yet more to explore, that you are still life's disciple.

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