Monday, September 14, 2015

Cover Ups

My Dear Son:

In the cyberworld, as you have seen, stealing becomes a strange and exacting form of electronic guerrilla warfare. But, like other forms of theft, it feeds on lies and cover up, and plenty of it. A thief must develop his skill as an electronic habitual liar in order to stay one step ahead. Now, I must observe, and I hope you will, too: this requires an enormous amount of useless energy and brain clutter, to layer lies upon lies. Once you start the cover-up game, it never stops. It's a perpetual motion monster that will chase a person to his grave.

If I sound like I'm being harsh about lying and stealing, I am. But only because I see the huge cost and waste of life energy going toward such a pointless endeavor. When you contrast a person who lives honestly, you will encounter, and I am absolutely serious about this, a completely different muscle tone and posture than a dishonest one. I'm telling you son, dishonesty will affect you from the inside-out, and it will show in a person's gait, even the way their skin and hair grows.

Honest people can conduct their lives openly without fear, sleep when their heads touch the pillow, experience openness, creativity, and freedom of thought, and create sense in their world because they do their best to be at peace with all men. They apply The Golden Rule frequently and trust that a life lived under honest scrutiny is far happier than one built on a stack of lies.

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