Thursday, September 24, 2015

Coffee Break

My Dear Son:

I ground my teeth at the U-turn; the light had just let another stream of traffic ahead of us. Cars barreled down the access road. I had my eye out for that tiny spot of fur, your dad and I bantering about exactly where along the stretch it was. It came up sooner than I thought, near the entrance of Huntington State Bank. I had my seat belt off and jumped out of the car before we came to a stop.

My pellmell approach caused the kitten to run away! I was relieved, on the one hand to see that its back wasn't broken. The other part was internally screaming, “No, no, no! Let me help you!” I was grateful that it hugged the curb, but greatly feared at any moment the kitten would dart out into traffic. I forced myself to breathe, slow down, and reached down again. The kitten paused momentarily, then ran again, but this time, with not so much angst. This time I had her, with all the high-pitched mewling and trembling from a terrible adrenaline rush. I was impressed in all this that it never once tried to bite or scratch.

And so, with a pint of hot milk and our coffee from Starbucks, our plans altered and hearts tethered, we headed home.

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