Tuesday, September 22, 2015


My Dear Son:

And so, the conclusion of the first year's application of A Course In Miracles was albeit an intriguing one. This is what happened: I discovered, over the next eighteen months that I had another service to offer, that of healing and training others how to heal themselves. The satisfaction I received from following this new path for years to come far exceeded anything I'd ever expected.

The difficult task was taking ACIM to the letter, and truly forgiving the person who had contributed to my resignation. You must understand that, a thorough following of ACIM required I practice forgiving this person daily for nearly fifty percent of the course. I was asked that instead of mental retaliation, to bless her. That's about 150 days.

Here's what happened the following year: a category F3 tornado hit the little town we lived in. It made all sorts of crazy jumps, plowing up tons of pasture on one side of our property, hopscotching over ours, and moving onward. When it reached town, it wrecked entire streets, including the one where this person resided. Her house was amazingly untouched.

I didn't make the connection right away, but a few months

following the inclement weather, I recalled that, after all, 
I'd just spent six months sending blessings this person's 
way. I'd also discovered that no path is absolutely precious 
in and of itself. And our willingness to leave a path is not 
always necessarily the end of it, either.

I think the possibility of our thoughts outworking themselves into the physical is, well, something we observe every day. Does it perform at category F3 proportions? Does it factor into
 the great boomerang effect? I don't know. I can only observe that our property, as well as hers, was spared.

Then again, if our houses are the only ones left standing, leaving us surrounded by a war zone and the sadness therewith, although these other properties are not technically "ours," we must behold them as we stand in our front yards, do we not? At times like these we come to see that we are not as separated as we think. Neither are we as solely blessed, or, cursed as we think, either.

I think the possibility of the great boomerang effect exists. Is the world a better place for it? What do you think?

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