Saturday, September 19, 2015

Boomerang Effect

My Dear Son:

My friend's idea also expands to a third and fourth concept. And so, as I came to understand its possibilities, I'll explain them to you. I was told this next idea has its origins in Native American Indian thought, but I have no proof. We talked before about the boomerang effect, and the circular movement of thought and action. I'd say this third concept is grounded in that idea, that what you start comes back to you eventually, if not immediately.

But the idea is, if you feel annoyed with someone and you send out mental barbs or judgment toward that person—those mental barbs will find their way back to you. Now, in the case of you being first wronged by another party, it almost seems unfair; after all, you didn't really start it, did you? That's usually how we first understand wrong as children: determining the one who started it.

So the Indian's wise council, it seems, is refusing to account for who started it, refusing to get caught up in casting aspersions and blame, even if they are wrong and you are right. Reason: because this sets up the the great boomerang effect, and you as initial victim will only heap more misery on yourself.

If you're out for justice, the other part of this equation is: Justice Will Happen. Or maybe we might rephrase it: justice is already happening. For, in the great boomerang effect, if the other has truly wronged you with malicious intent, then more of that is going back to them. The process will cycle, and that is one idea you can count on!

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