Sunday, September 13, 2015


My Dear Son:

Retribution. It's a word bound up with fire and hate, otherwise known as payback. And at times, people will go to great lengths to seek revenge. I've been there, and I would daresay most human beings at one time or another, when wronged, have experienced rage and the desire for vengeance.

What if I could present to you a universal law—let's call it the boomerang effect. It's something that happens automatically each time our muscles engage to perform any activity, or even each time our brains create a thought. It's the idea that, what you generate will reverberate, echo, if you will, creating its own series of residual effects and circumstances. You might compare it to the domino effect. And life has a way of tumbling its dominoes in a circle.

Sometimes it appears that people get away with hurting other people, criminals continue crimes without retribution—but I am here to tell you there's no getting away from the stink of crime in any of its various forms. A criminal may not get caught, but he is bound by the same boomerang effect every time he commits a crime. He may appear to be getting off scot-free, but this unique law, if you will, keeps coming back with “what you do to another is first to you.” Meaning whenever you sucker-punch someone else, you've sucker-punched yourself already. Even if it's only a thought in your mind.

Here's the main problem with theft: the thief will never actualize or recognize his own power or strength to earn money from other people in an honest way. He will never experience the joy of presenting a talent or service, made by his own hands, and having other people say, “I like that. I want that. How much do I pay you?” He will never experience looking at the money he just earned and then thinking, “They really appreciated what I did for them.”

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