Saturday, September 12, 2015

What Really Happens

My Dear Son:

Regarding most every circumstance or event in life, I think it helps to take a few steps back and ask yourself what really happens. We make up a lot of stories and memories around what we think really happens or happened, but after all, that's just one perspective. As you saw from the example with the Golden Rule and shoplifting, there's always a broader circle when you take a few steps back. A broader circle of lives, events, circumstances, consequences, and potential outcomes.

You can take virtually any event in life, give it enough time, and watch it travel in a circle. Life is full of cycles and circular journeys. Although pathways sometimes appear to spawn randomly, I think you will find it true time and time again that life has a way of making circles.

So, what really happens when a person or persons, in this instance, steal from you? Their journey will also travel in a circle. We'll talk more about that circle next letter!

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