Friday, September 11, 2015


My Dear Son:

Although I'd just as soon skip the content of this next letter, I feel it's best to list the ways people steal from others, and, themselves.

Burglars rob other people by breaking and entering, shoplifting, pickpocketing. People steal when they find a lost item and make no attempt to locate its rightful owner. People can steal others' privacy and dignity by voyeurism, vandalism, rape, and torture. Students steal by cheating on tests. Employees can steal by using company time for their own pursuits.

We'll cover the why of it all later. But for now, it's important for you to know that just about anything can be stolen, you name it: cars, cell phones, jewelry, property, meals, clothes, credit card accounts, profiles, portfolios, online resources, identities, pets, reputations, body parts, healthcare, insurance, services, leisure time, payroll, jobs, time, happiness, justice, security, and the list goes on. People can even steal by misrepresenting themselves concerning their ability or willingness to complete a task, skill, or product.

Hold on until tomorrow—to find out what I think really happens to thieves!

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