Monday, September 21, 2015

A Course In Miracles

My Dear Son:

Based upon my experience with A Course in Miracles, at one time I recommended it to virtually everybody. Over time, however, I came to see that, like anything else, we each undergo similar and, dissimilar learning experiences in our own framework. So now, you might say I am more selective in my recommendations.

However, in this example, I think it's important that you know about the experience or, outworking that I went through. You see, approximately two minutes after I made that difficult decision to resign from my employment, the steam of resentment was still roiling out of my ears. I was in no way ready to receive what came much later through exercising forgiveness.

A two-sentence summary of ACIM is not entirely fair, but for the sake of this letter, I will summarize. For approximately 395 days, I set out to discover what ACIM had to offer. And the crux of it was: the reality you think you are in is just as manufactured as the rest. And: forgiveness is a way of seeing the mess you think you're in quite differently.

So, that was my focus, when you were barely seven years old, to ultimately come to a place where I could forgive my world for all that it seemed to be.

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