Saturday, August 22, 2015


My Dear Son:

The Golden Rule always reaches out in broader terms, beyond just one or two people. Following The Golden Rule becomes all about perspective. Your friend probably doesn't realize or care about the store clerk who may lose his job after this shoplifting occurs on his watch, or about his three-month old baby who will go without medical care until he can find other employment.

He won't think about the company stock or the lives of the sales agents, designers, or factory workers wrapped around the success or failure of this product sales. And he certainly doesn't consider that, in the end, at least part of the reason the video game became more expensive than he could afford was due to losses from shoplifting. Now he's driving up the price even more!

The Golden Rule expands like Spandex. There's not a single life or circumstance it won't touch in some way. It has the power of the ultimate domino effect on this planet. And yet, while it reaches out in the broadest way, it starts with how we each treat ourselves, and how we send more of the same out to others. So, when you decide to do something kind and place your best foot forward, you are, in essence, brightening the world around you, one friend at a time.

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