Thursday, October 15, 2015


My Dear Son:

There's an old saying, "A neat desk comes with a sick mind." It's actually a joke, but it piggy-backs on a truth: if a person spends so much time arranging and rearranging things so that it interferes with completing other simple tasks, or in other words, a person is so focused on neatness, nothing else matters, then that is out of balance. We call it obsessive.

The polar opposite, or mayhem, can be equally as destructive.

There is a place for order, and many good reasons, for us to put order into our lives, the kind of order that is balanced between obsession and mayhem.

So from the extremes to somewhere in the middle looks like this:

Balanced Order
Obsessive Order

It's a safer, happier place to stay somewhere in the middle around Balanced Order, or Balance.

I will give you some reasons next post, but remember, the reasons that really stay with you are the ones that, by living them, become self-evident.

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