Tuesday, August 25, 2015


My Dear Son:

It's been my experience that you can go a long way toward erasing those lines that form cliques by simply agreeing to give the world your personal best every day that you live. It's not always an easy task to do, and ultimately, you'll have to realize that you only have a certain amount of control over your daily “happenstance” encounters.

Just because you choose to frequent a certain social setting or club does not give your soul more value. Your value is intrinsic, an inborn part of you that simply is. This is never determined by or enhanced by participation in a clique.

This value is your birthright, the very fiber of your soul, you defined by only you, and no other. There are many paradoxes in life, and the truth of individual worth while maintaining an awareness of the collective is certainly one of them. It's possible that any of these structures, whether group or individual, are illusions within themselves.

Conclusions about the ideas above can involve lifelong scrutiny. But I think as a general rule, if you can allow yourself to stand outside of a clique while being the unique soul that you are, you can be assured that in giving your soul best to the world brings more permanent light and joy long after the clique has faded into the background.

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