Friday, October 16, 2015


My Dear Son:

Here's a little bit more about Balanced Order, or Balance:

* Having things in balanced order and being able to quickly find things saves you time, and gives you more time to do things you enjoy.

* Having things in balanced order makes you healthier. It is a proven fact that people manifest or show their sadness or depression by things left undone and out of order (mayhem) or too much order (obsessive order).

* Having things in balanced order makes you more money. Keeping up with bills and money that is rightfully yours, rightfully earned, is a big part of taking care of yourself.

* Having things in balanced order could save your life. For example, hoarders are at great risk for fire by stockpiling inflammable objects alongside objects that ignite, like acetone, gasoline, etc.

* Having things in balanced order is kinder and safer. Presenting an eyesore to your friends or family, having them stumble over objects you've mislaid, is not a kind thing to do.

* Having things in balanced order sends out a molecular code to the universe that attracts more of the same. If you want things to continually go wrong in your life, then make no attempt to put things in order. The consequences will then continue to send disorder and mayhem your way. Life always copies what you've already created.

* It's been long held in various lore that angels are messengers about direction or order. Fairies are forms of lower angels that thrive on mischief and misplacing objects. Angels help people find things, while fairies help people lose things. It's also possible that angels are deliverers of emotions, which, if you notice, take on the nature of how things are playing out in the order or the disorder of the moment.

Now, you have the opportunity to put balanced order into practice and clean up your room :)

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